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IFKAD and IAC Congress 2009

Intellectual Capital Management and Innovation Capacity

Glasgow, Scotland - 17-18 February 2009


It is widely recognized that, nowadays, innovation is a central driving force of competitiveness and value creation of the organizations. This stimulates an increasing interest to investigate and understand the factors and determinants at the basis of innovation dynamics and capabilities grounding organizations performance improvement.
In particular, research and practice have highlighted the role of Intellectual Capital - as as a bundle of intangible and knowledge assets - in the development and application of innovation. Coherently with this perspective the concept of innovation capacity has recently emerged in the academic and managerial debate as a meta-concept to denote the real and potential capabilities of an organizational system to convert knowledge and intangible assets into innovation able to drive long term competitiveness, profitability and value creation.
Intellectual Capital is a crucial resource in order to execute effective innovation processes, products and services leading to superior business performance results and an essential factor to best enhance and support organizational innovation capacity, competitiveness and ultimately value creation dynamics.
The 4th IFKAD 2009 was organized by the Center for Value Management - University of Basilicata and Intellectual Asset Centre. The event was held on 17-18 February 2009 in Glasgow, Scotland.

The IFKAD 2009 was focused on the exploration of the following main topics:

  • Intellectual Capital and Strategic Management of Innovation;
  • Intellectual Capital and Innovation Capabilities;
  • Intellectual Capital and Technology Transfer;
  • Creativity, Imagination, and Intangible Assets;
  • Intellectual Capital and Innovation in Public Organizations;
  • Intellectual Capital and Change Management;
  • Models and Approaches for Assessing and Managing Intangible and Knowledge Assets;
  • Intellectual Capital and Innovation for Local Development;
  • Knowledge Intensive Services and Intellectual Capital.


AMIDON, Debra - Chair & CEO of Entovation International, USA
ENGEL, Jerome - University of Berkeley, USA
EVANS, Peter - Director of Quality, Acting, Virgin Media
ROOS, Goran - Lund University, Sweden
SPENDER, JC - ESADE and Lund University, USA

Full progam of IFKAD 2009 (pdf)