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Vladimir Leschenko (MBA) is Head of Knowledge Management Unit in Rosatom Science Division (Science and Innovations). From 2012 develops as part of the team The Rosatom Knowledge Management System, including Rosatom Knowledge Management Forum (First International Forum for KM in technological companies in Russia).

Vladimir Leschenko developed and implemented corporate socal network of communities of practice, corporate scientific and technical information portal, including big data technology, critical knowledge preservation system, etc.

Previously Vladimir Leschenko developed technical regulation system in Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation.
  Vladimir Leschenko
Today Vladimir Leschenko develops some projects for implementations of new standard ISO 9001:2015 focusing on KM aspects in corporate business processes.

Vladimir Leschenko is Board member of Association of KM experts in Russia (KM-alliance), Co-head of KM-alliance Technical Committee of Standardizations.

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