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IFKAD 2017 Special Tracks

Women in management and organisation: Leadership, Resilience, Creativity and Co-Creation
The purpose of this track is to examine the point of convergence among knowledge supporting organizations, creativity and culture from a gender perspective. So far the male perspective has been widely dominant inside organizations; however, the extant literature has identified the existence of some differences between men and women entrepreneurs in terms of propensity to innovation, approach to creativity, decision making, resilience, creativity and co-creation. We wonder if these differences may affect women's approach towards information and communication technologies, the new knowledge architecture and the fundamental features to cope with the increasing complexity and turbulence of today's business landscape.
Deepening our knowledge of the feminine view is very important, not only to enhance the role of women, but also to enrich organizational stocks of knowledge, perceptions, intuitions and resources.
The role of women in entrepreneurship, management and corporate governance is regarded as central to the development and welfare of economies. For all the above reasons, the main goal of this track is to highlight how women entrepreneurs create, process and share knowledge in their business activity through application and exploitation of novel creative ideas and solutions. This work of investigation of the way women manage knowledge and creative processes can contribute to understand the new drivers affecting value creation dynamics in our new knowledge-based society.

Female entrepreneurship, women in management, culture, creativity, value creation, resilience, creativity and co-creation

Paola Paoloni | Niccolò Cusano University, Italy
Paola Demartini | Roma Tre University, Italy